Do You Have It?

sparkSpark – that bit of magic that makes us us….in our case, it’s about personality and that there is no such thing as standard. It’s the ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and still create the best possible outcome.

I am stood in the bank today, trying to make some international payments for speakers at a recent conference.  Admittedly, we don’t need to make international payments very often but it has taken over one hour to pay 3 people. The guy behind the counter is constantly sniffing and appears to be a trainee. It’s not his problem and every time there’s something that is different to the system, he has to ask someone. In fact even when the information is all there, he still has to ask. A perfect example of lacking spark.

The thing is that we take that spark for granted. We know when we have it and we expect it in others and when confronted with an individual or organisation who really don’t have it, it can challenge our expectations. It’s frustrating to see lower standards being accepted and it presents a challenge in terms of communicating the value of that spark to our clients, attendees and the wider world.

This blog is part of our work to share our spark and share why this is important. This spark applies both in planning and delivery – in developing ideas as well as solving problems, in working with our clients as well as working with our event teams and volunteers. We want that spark to shine through everything we do, say and deliver so that it is valued and recognised as being an industry standard and thereby increase quality across the sector.

Claire Eason Bassett, Managing Director, Mackerel Sky


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