Every Day’s a School Day!

BoyGeorgeLast year I was lucky enough to be in the position of leaving my 9 to 5 job and go freelance. One of the reasons I made this big change was that my career learning curve had become, well….flat! With lack of challenges and lessons to learn one runs the risk of becoming complacent and jaded, so one of the joys of being a freelancer is the variety of projects, both in genre, scale and complexity.

With this in mind I was excited to be offered a role stage managing two projects for the Liverpool International Music Festival. Although I used to be a stage manager I hadn’t branched into live music events. The first event was a set with Boy George, which was recorded live by Steve Levine, the audience of 400 could then download the recording by the time they got home. Cue steep learning curve! New jargon to learn, processes to get my head around, job titles to comprehend all whilst coming across as knowledgeable and experienced. I then moved on to supporting the running of the main stage for the large outdoor festival in Sefton Park. All the lessons learnt from the day before enabled me to work effectively and professionally, all in front of 35,000 people- phew!

So, all in all I feel boosted; I have made important new contacts, broadened my experience, get to add something different to my CV all having learned a vast amount. It goes without saying that we should all try to ensure that “every day is a school day”, no matter what our career choice. Whether that’s in a small way or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone I feel it plays a key role in ensuring we are at the top of our game, keeps us interesting to clients and genuinely happy in our jobs!

Laura Carus, Associate Event Manager, Mackerel Sky


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