We Will Remember Them

Candle on the window sillA couple of weeks or so ago we marked the centenary of the start of the First World War. An important date to remember for the lives lost, the lives saved and the lessons learnt.

Aside from the moving reportage on the TV and on social media, the most impactful aspect was at 10pm when the lights in my village went out, as did lights across the country. There was this sense of ritual and remembrance and it brought to mind the same collective action that must have happened at the same time a hundred years ago. With the men and boys of the South West keen to go to war, little knowing what was to unfold.

This concept of collective acts is hugely powerful and is the same driver behind many of our large community events. It is important to us as humans to mark particular moments together and in this case to pay our respects. There is something inherently respectful about lighting a candle in the darkness; a means of collectively expressing our thanks. Light in darkness is very powerful as a symbol of hope and inspiration and that all will be well.

There is always a reason to light a candle. A purpose. Whether it is simply providing light, a marker, an act of remembrance, creating intimacy, providing warmth or showing the way for safety, a candle provides a focal point and draws our attention. Light is powerful tool in creating an event environment that engages and focuses our audiences in order to achieve the event objectives. Light sets the feel for the event, sets expectations, and provides an important safety function. And yet it is one of the last things that is thought about or included in the budget.

So let’s light more lights, remember the fallen, and create special moments that mean something…

Claire Eason Bassett, Managing Director, Mackerel Sky


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