Staying Calm in Silly Season

fish-aquarium-coralsThe Summer holiday season is upon us and whilst lots of people around us are relaxing and enjoying themselves, we are working hard to develop and deliver a number of big projects over the next few months.  It feels like any kind of break from it was a long time ago and there is a kind of collective exhaustion seeping in….

Almost all the team are taking some time off over the next month which is a good thing but it can be easy to procrastinate and leave it until we come back from holiday with a renewed sense of drive and purpose.  But the deadlines that we have to meet are absolute – there is nothing quite so motivating as the deadline of an event start!  From that point onwards, there is no ‘I can do that tomorrow’; it simply has to be done.  It has to be done in order to meet the requirements of the client, or of the project, or of the audience; all of which are vitally important, so there is no room for the quality or quantity of work to change just because we are feeling a bit tired.

So it comes down to how we handle this collective lethargy and manage ourselves through the challenges.  One school of thought might be to ‘man up’ but that’s not always the most constructive way to respond when looking at one’s to-do list induces panic.  It is times like this when we need to manage the stress, find space and time to gain perspective and relax, prioritise and get on with the job.

We are looking after some fish for our next door business and these simple little creatures are introducing a sense of calm to what is an otherwise busy and occasionally manic office.  Such a basic thing of looking at fish swimming just gives enough space in our brains to create a moment of perspective and give clarity.  For the next hour or so anyway!  So, although we are well into silly season and it’s hot and busy, we all need to make a bit of time to chill, look up from the keyboard and see that wood as well as the trees (to mix my metaphors!)

Claire Eason Bassett, Managing Director, Mackerel Sky


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