Looking forward to a weekend to remember!

HeartlandsWe are delighted to be part of the Live at Heartlands project which is a long weekend of music performances in September 2014 including UB40, The Boomtown Rats and the Happy Mondays.  Sounds simple….until you realise that this is for up to 6,000 people (hopefully, assuming it is all approved by the powers that be) and it’s at Heartlands which is a regenerated mining site in the conurbation of Camborne, Pool and Redruth.  This is not a small project and neither is it easy.  It’s also the first time that this particular team have worked together and it’s the first time that Heartlands has been used for this scale of event.

We wrote the events strategy for Heartlands and we had the great pleasure of advising on operational considerations for the site in order to accommodate the scope and scale of the proposed events from car shows to big gigs and from community classes to festivals.  It is an absolute pleasure to now be a part of making that initial plan a reality.  We have been working with Heartlands for the last 4 years from the business plan development through relaunch events to the Flame Festival in 2012 and now Live at Heartlands.  It started being a few lines on the plans and now we get to play in the park that we were part of creating!
It’s a brilliant responsibility recommending ideas and now making them happen.  It’s not just running a gig but our role as Event Operations Management is to ensure that the event really works so that there are more events of this scale at Heartlands and that there are more large-scale gigs appealing to the Cornish audiences.  It’s about making it happen safely and being under control in order that we might grow the events landscape in Cornwall and across the South West to be more ambitious and exceed expectations; that we might grow attendance and engagement in large scale events; and that we make a difference to our local economy and community.  No pressure then!
This responsibility is significant but it’s not beyond our capability, capacity or experience.  We get on well with the wider Live at Heartlands team, with the onsite team and with the suppliers and partners but more than that, we have a healthy and hard-earned respect across the team.  Any one of us might not have all of the answers but between us we do and between us we will make what was just an idea written into a plan a real event experience.  A weekend to remember for all the right reasons. I can’t wait!
Claire Eason Bassett, Managing Director, Mackerel Sky Events


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