A Big Ol’ Brazen Thank You For Another Fantastic Fashion Show!

MSE_FashionShow2014One of the best things about what we do is the people we get to work with. I am so fortunate to work with some of the best in the business and the most wonderful quality in these people is that they are prepared to muck in and help out to make the project happen to the best level possible.

Last week, we worked in the NCP multi-storey car park in Truro for the Falmouth University Fashion Show and the site team there were flexible, accommodating and very tolerant of the madness that events include – we brought so much kit onto site including over 1,000 blocks and 200 planks to make rudimentary seating, tech kit, catering, heras fencing and the fashion collections themselves, and we could only get low-top transits into the car park so nothing is easy!

It is not only that access was difficult but that this kind of event can’t be rehearsed in advance. There is only so much planning one can do with so many unknowns and, as shown in our experience over the last few days, suppliers don’t always read the rig schedule and most have arrived late by several hours. 

This is inherently a stressful project with high risk, logistical challenges and high stakeholder investment and suppliers running late and access issues have only raised the stakes further. At this point, we are completely reliant on the team and by this I mean us at Mackerel Sky, the work experience and volunteer team, NCP Truro and JH-AV (our tech providers). Not one of the team stood back but rather all stepped in to help and get the event to a stage where it is ready to go for the students arriving to rehearse and run the shows.

This team spirit and support is one of the best elements of working in this industry and the value of it to us individually as well as the project as a whole is immense. Events that are as complex and challenging as this one simply would not happen without it. It is one of those unspoken elements of the industry and yet is vital.  So a huge thank you to each and every individual who was been part of getting the Fashion Show ready to go and sorry for the stress but it wouldn’t happen without you!

Claire Eason Bassett, Managing Director, Mackerel Sky


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