Proudly Taking Our Cornish Roots Nationwide!

MS_FBCoverPic_2It is fantastic that the Government have recognised the Cornish as an ethnic minority in the same way as the Welsh (and many others) and the support unveiled for Cornish language is very much needed and wanted. However, is this simply playing to the outdated traditional perceptions of the Cornish as pasty-eating introverted dullards?

Don’t get me wrong here.  I count myself as Cornish having grown up here and I know that we are a race of outward looking, ambitious, creative, resourceful people who are proud of our heritage and our place.  I also know that key people involved in getting this recognition share this belief – thank you Kernow King and Bert Biscoe and others – and I hope that this recognition goes some way in enabling the wider world to shed those outdated perceptions.

You may recall that we changed our name earlier this year from Event Cornwall to Mackerel Sky and we did this for a very good reason. Cornwall is brilliant and we are proud of being based here but way back in 2009, we started being asked to work beyond the Tamar.  The projects were great and we delivered as always but our clearly Cornish brand was raising eyebrows and questions.  Why was Event Cornwall delivering activity in Plymouth/Newport/Exeter/ Bristol/London..etc?  So we started to think about a name that would help address this challenge and we developed Event Devon and Event Scilly as an interim measure.

As it turns out, running 3 brands parallel to each other is quite hard work! We simply didn’t know how to answer the phone!  But the need remained to have a non-geographic name for the company.  We were keen to retain the Cornish spirit in there somehow though and we spent a long time bashing around ideas.  As with many things, it wasn’t about spending time trying to find a name it was about letting the name find us and it was one day outside our office looking up at the clouds that we thought of Mackerel Sky.

A mackerel sky is a cloud formation that indicates a (usually positive) change in the weather.  We are an outward looking, aspirational company who create positive impacts and the fishy  connotations of our new name are a nod to our Cornish home.  So we continue to be proud of our corporate background and we are delighted to share our Cornish way of doing things with our clients, partners and customers throughout the UK and beyond.  Being Cornish is not about being backwards, but quite the opposite – onwards and upwards!

Claire Eason Bassett, Managing Director, Mackerel Sky Events




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