Greendale Events …?!

I was watching Postman Pat the other day (not by choice I hasten to add – I have a 2-year old!) and was drawn into a storyline about getting all the right bits in the right places for an outdoor screening. Now this an event that I know quite a bit about and suddenly I found myself critiquing this delightful animation highlighting the lack of accuracy in relation to the reality of organising such an event.

Firstly, it was a traditional projector (which if it had been the original Postman Pat I would have accepted but the new version is full of text and email so where is the digital projector); secondly, it was on film reel rather than DVD; and thirdly there was a policeman staffing the road closures with no support, no signage and no hi-vis! It’s no wonder that the general perception of event management is that it is easy!

I lost count of the legal transgressions in this particular episode and whilst I appreciate that to include them would remove all fun and would extend the 10min episode by about 3 hours, there is part of me that remains frustrated by it. You see we work really hard to ensure that our clients feel that their event is as easy as Postman Pat made it out to be. We write traffic management plans, we procure and manage the supplies and suppliers, we ensure that it is all legally compliant….we deal with the stress of it all and solve the problems on the ground.

So Pat, next time you want to include an event in your storyline, bring us in!

Claire Eason Bassett Managing Director, Mackerel Sky Events


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