Professional is as professional does

One of the qualities that is most important to me is integrity.  It includes honesty and consistency; doing the right thing and doing it right.   This is a core part of professionalism and particularly in our industry, where it is vocational and anyone could claim to be a “professional”.  To an extent, that’s true in that it’s not rocket science or medicine or law where a qualification is imperative.  Event management isn’t in itself difficult. It’s the complexity and scale that makes events challenging and it’s in these circumstances where one is reliant on professionalism throughout the project (including from volunteers.).

From the client to contractors and from staff to strategic partners a professional approach promotes a fair, open, communicative way of working
where conflict is resolved with due process and a recognition of roles and responsibilities.  Thankfully, in my experience, it is rare that this is really tested but when this professional integrity is challenged, it really makes me think hard about my behaviour, the advice I have given, the decisions I have made and the actions I have taken.  In resolving these issues, our own experience and understanding of fairness comes in to play and therefore the point at which we can accept and absorb responsibility for not managing or fulfilling expectations flexes.

What this means is that professional is as professional does.  It takes years to develop that professional approach but only a moment of fear, panic, anger or frustration to destroy it.  So the perceptions of what we do are dependent on our professionalism which is subsequently dependent on our personal state and emotional well being.  We might think that we are behaving with great integrity, walking the talk, fulfilling our promises but we only understand it from our own perspective.  I’m not saying that anyone questioning professionalism is right, not at all, but that sometimes there is a grain of truth there and maybe I have missed something that I should have picked up, or let my personal viewpoint get in the way.  It’s all feedback and it’s all valuable.  It makes me better at what I do and
challenge means that I have to really think it all through.  Having integrity means going a step further though and not only recognising responsibility but taking action to resolve or redress the balance without losing sense of self or going against what’s important to us personally.


Claire Eason Bassett – Managing Director, Mackerel Sky Events


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